King's Citadel

While militias and Brelish military bodies are still maintained in the wake of the Last War, the King’s Citadel exists as the center of Brelish martial power. Sworn to the service of the crown, the Citadel defends Boranel and Breland against foreign and domestic threats.

The current commander is Kor ir’Wynarn, the younger brother of King Boranel. The Swords, a collection of front-line offensive soldiers, are lead by Captain Commander Ellanar (half-elf). The Wands, some of the best combat magicians on Khorvaire, are lead by Captain Commander Nebik (gnome). The Shields, masters of defensive measures, are lead by Captain Commander Sortan. The Lanterns, an intelligence agency, are lead by Captain Commander Vorn.

In Sharn, Knight-Marshal Banarak Tithon heads up a significant presence for the metropolis. Under his command are the local senior staff:
  • Lanterns
    • Sharn Captain Talleon Haliar Tonan (gnome)
  • Swords
    • Sharn Lieutenant Eld ir’Zarna
  • Wands
    • Sharn Lieutenant Zaira Dane (half-elf)