This conquerer was one of the first human leaders to try to unite Khorvaire under one king. 2,000 years ago, the king of what would later be known as Karrnath began a campaign to exterminate all goblinoid presence on Khorvaire. The campaign escalated, and while chasing goblin raiders in the south, Karrn invaded communites in what would become Cyre, eventually conquering it. With this victory, Karrn drove west, intent on becoming ruler of the entire continent, placing every race under his martial vision. But when he arrived in what is today Thrane, the other nations of the continent had joined forces to defeat him.

Along with these conquests, Karrn’s legacy includes the game Conqueror, the strong regionalism that lead to the Last War and the independent nations of the Treaty of Thronehold, the Code of Kaius in modern Karrnath, and the Rekkenmark Academy.