il Yannah

Most religions espouse some idea of doing good in the universe, either for your community, or for yourself. But few faiths claim that benevolence in this world will actually change the shape and nature of another world. For the people that follow the Path of Light, this concept is the central tenet to their faith. il-Yannah is the religion and philosophy of the kalashtar and most people in Adar, and it uses the morals of the practical world to affect change in the spiritual one.

The followers of this faith believe that benevolent actions will change the shape of Eberron’s dreams, and subsequently change the nature of Dal Quor, hastening the transition from the nightmare paradigm of the Dreaming Dark to one of dreams of hope and love.


  • The most devout of the faith traditionally take one of three duties:
    • The yannahsur, or light bringer, is a sort of hermetic/monastic tradition, where the yannahsurs spends most of their time meditating and doing small, good works in their local community to promote the Light.
    • The sheshantol, or shadow watcher, works to fend off the worst of the darkness. These are the fighters and adventurers who prevent evil from overtaking good, spreading their Light by action.
    • The yannahilath, or light speaker, preaches the word of il-Yannah, acting as a sort of priest, using psionic power and charisma to lead the people of the world to the Light.
  • All of these agents of the Light are lead and advised by a central council of elder kalashtar (who work closely with the Keeper of the Word), who confer on a strategy designed to promote good and weaken the Dreaming Dark.