House Vadalis

This human dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Handling to facilitate the breeding and training of mundane and magical creatures. Its work is broken into two major guilds: the members of Balinor’s Blessed hunt, trap, and return wild and magical specimens, while the Handlers guild practices the house’s special brand of husbandry and animal training.

The house head is Dalin d’Vadalis, who insists that people not call him “Baron.” His brother, Nussik, is actually a bit more famous, given his position as Queen Aurala‘s official consort. But the public news around the house centers around two members; Eloise, Dalin’s 32 year-old daughter, has advocated ecological strategy for the house, while Dalin’s brother-in-law, Raven, pushes for a more industrialized approach to animal trade.

The house’s most famous breeding product, the trained hippogriff, sits on their house seal, and they are ],

Vadalis marks were found in the [[Eldeen Reaches] and the House holds court in the new nation’s largest town, Varna, at the mouth of the Wyvern River, the new border between the Reaches and Aundair. With 8,000 permanent residents, this trade town sees over a thousand visitors come and go every week. The Vadalis enclave is inarguably the center of town, next to the Hunter’s Grove, a massive temple to Balinor. But every other house has a small enclave here, and the Reaches’ economic success is tied the deals made here.

Vadalis has always cultivated an outsider reputation within the Houses. They stay away from strict hierarchy or titles, make only perfunctory appearances at important dragonmarked functions, and their urban enclaves are sparse to say the least. Instead, they enjoy the company of each other as a family, renting large stretches of land from the respective nations. In Stormreach, their lands are a mystery, the briarwood north of the city said to be anywhere from 100 to a 1000 acres. Their connection to nature is also unique among the houses, with the most druids proportionally. In the Reaches, the Wardens of the Wood give them full autonomy, relying on their agents to police their own lands.