House Tharashk

This half orc and human dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Finding to track down valuables, including people and dragonshards. Its main enterprises are the Finders guild and the Liondrake’s Roar. The house is significant as a bridge between orcish society and the rest of Khorvaire, and is based in Zarashak. Although house administration is spread out, ultimate decision making lies with the Shadow Marches Triumvirate, strattling the rules laid out in the Korth Edicts.

The Finders aid in the search for items and people in unknown location. Their dragonshard operations are headed by house heir Vurlaak, known for taking an active role in prospecting, as opposed to simply administering the work. The guild also includes bounty hunters and inquisitives. They are distinct from the Medani inquisitives, who are only able to find things that have been explicitly hidden and are a threat. A good example is a cache of dragonshards. A Medani agent could more easily find the hidden trunk of shards rigged to explode, while a Tharashk heir would more easily find a batch of dragonshards in a murky swamp. Because of this distinction, the two are often hired for the same investigation. Based out of Sharn, the house has centered their work in what they call the “Global Information Agency,” which is run by Daric Velderan’s daughter, Kava.

The Liondrake’s Roar (based in Graywall) is essentially an outsourcing organization allied with races not commonly found in regular employment (the house seal also bears the image of a liondrake, also known as a dragonne). This may include minotaurs on a construction site, ogres on a battlefield, or even harpies performing courier duties. The mercenary work is most public portion of the guild, but in fact, it only consists of half of the assigned projects. This connection to monsters, and to Droaam in particular (where the Roar is based), has made others wary of the house, and made it a rival for House Deneith.