House Medani

This half elven dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Detection to detect danger, mostly with sentries and inquistives. Their Warding guild is based in their Tower of Inquisition outside of Wroat. The house head, Baron Trelib d’Medani, spends most of his time at the Tower, staying in close proximity to the royal Brelish grounds. Trelib’s close friendship with King Boranel has raised questions about the house’s impartiality.

After the Last War, the house has focused considerable resources to the secrets and fugitives the conflict created. In response to a clause in the Thronehold Treaty, the house formed a group called the Basklisk’s Gaze (also the creature portrayed on their house seal) to hunt down war criminals from all the nations of Khorvaire, returning them to their homelands or sending them to Dreadhold for the appropriate sentencing. The group’s head, Taldor, is infamous for strong-arming officials in every nation. Also, they have agents making regular excursions into the Mournland, who after months of duty in the face of horrific sights, named themselves the Thousand-Yard Stare. The troops, lead by house heir Channara, are based in Arythawn Keep in the southeast of Thrane.