House Jorasco

This halfling dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Healing to tend to the wounded and sick (for a price). Their two guilds are Medics and Healers, the former focused on military need, and the latter on long-term and short-term civilian care. Heirs are oathbound not to provide service except when the house is compensated, a point of contention for the sick and dying who do not have the coin. The house’s seal bears the image of a griffin.

Their seat of power is in Vedykar (what they call Resthold), in the south of Karrn, notably farther from the Talenta Plains than the other halfling house, House Ghallanda, which most people consider less cosmopolitan and more closely tied to halfling culture. Their busiest enclave is the Healing House in Sharn, where house head Baron Ulara spends most of his time. Two other Jorasco heirs are controversial public figures. Sahemi in the west of the Plains has made claims of “healing” the earth in the Mournland, reclaiming it from the chaotic magics. Meanwhile, a Jorasco heir named Hanra sits by King Boranel’s side as his personal physician, violating house protocol.