House Ghallanda

This halfling dragonmarked house uses the Mark of Hospitality to maintain shelter and provide food and drink to any paying customers. It bears the image of a blink dog on its coat of arms, tying back to the folk tale of a lost traveller saved by a blink dog. In fact, the name Ghallanda is an old halfling word meaning “helpful hound who appears where needed the most.” The house is based out of Gatherhold, making up most of the town’s population between tribal councils, and is lead by Baron Yoren, an official elder among the councils.

The house’s work is split among three guilds: the Hostelers, the Dragontails, and the Dawn-Builders. The Hostelers take up the bulk of the work, coordinating most of the hospitality services on the continent. If a hotel or restaurant is not outright owned by the house, it is usually certified, and travellers look for the Ghallanda seal. The Dawn-Builders supervise the design and construction of new and renovated facilities, and are some most sought-after architects in the world. The Dragontails act as the security for the other two guilds, often as bouncers. They use peacebinding in all their facilities, and the practice has spread to Jorasco healing centers as well. Peacebinding is a combination of mundane knots and arcane markings to keep weapons unusable while inhouse. Based a halfling children’s game of knots, the weapon or implement is wrapped in a tangle of leather binding, making it only effective as a club. Any attempt to unbind can take up to half an hour, and if any magical means are used, the arcane marking colors the item bright red and emits a strong odor.

The two most famous properties are the Ghallanda Hall in Sharn and the Wandering Inn. The Ghallanda Hall stands as the gold standard for comfort and quality and is supervised by the harried Keslo. The Wandering Inn was initially thought an urban legend, but as the house became more public, they revealed it was one of their holdings. The Inn is caravan with a built-in restaurant and sleeping quarters, roaming the Talenta Plains, magically drawn to lost and endangered explorers.

House Ghallanda is thought of as the more rural of the two halfling houses. While House Jorasco has made serious inroads into the upper classes and is based mainly in Sharn and Karrn, Ghallanda heirs tend to stay closer to the Plains and return often, with less interest in flaunting wealth.