House Deneith

This human dragonmarked house use the Mark of Sentinel to maintain police and mercenary forces throughout Khorvaire. Discovered in Karrn, Deneith has strong roots in the military tradition. Today, Sentinel Tower in Karrlakton is still a major landmark and is the largest outpost close to the grey mist of the Mournland. The house’s coat of arms has the chimera as its animal.

It maintains three guilds, the Blademarks, Protectors, and the Sentinel Marshals. The Blademarks are the mercenary wing of the house, hired out to individuals and groups. The Protectors are the bodyguards, serving important officials and rich celebrities all over Khorvaire. The Sentinel Marshals are legendary throughout Khorvaire; they initially served as Galifar’s personal guard, but grew into the empire’s domestic law enforcement, quelling rebellions keeping out invaders. Today’s fractured political climate has made them less necessary, but they are still large and politically powerful.

Because of their martial occupations, some Deneith heirs are more famous than their counterparts in other houses. Baron Brevin heads the house, and is known by face to most high-ranking officers nationwide. His cousin, Sigor, is one of the foremost experts on the Mournland, and their uncle, the longtime Blademarks captain Shirin, is infamous for his outspoken support of the Blood of Vol.

Recently, the house has become bitter rivals with House Tharashk over their mercenary services. Though Deneith still has superior numbers, Tharashk’s monster troops are often more cost-efficient, challenging their position. They have attempted to counteract this with a base in Darguun at Fort Cail, though some argue their reliance on goblin troops during the Last War brought about that country’s rebellion and subsequent independence. Also, playing into Brelish paranoia, they still hold a base south of Graywall in case of invaders from Droaam.