House Cannith

This human dragonmarked house is responsible for magical and mechanical research, innovation, and mass production, utilizing the Mark of Making. Their seal bears an image of the gorgon.

The house’s public work is broken into two guilds, the Fabricators and the Tinkerers. The Fabricators oversee design and production of their many goods. The Tinkerers serve the community at large, maintaining, upgrading, and replacing goods and infrastructure.

After the Mourning, the house splintering into three factions. Cannith South, based in Sharn, is runn by Merrix. Cannith North, based in Fairhaven, is run by Jorlanna. Cannith East, based in Korth, is run by Zorlan.

Although all three are powerful, they each lack the total qualities necessary to run the entire house. Merrix is arguably the most innovative mind the house has seen in a century, but his lack of ambition or desire to lead disqualifies him. Jorlanna has age and experience, as well as a clear administrative character, but her inter-house dalliances and lack of technical acumen are drawbacks. And though Zorlan has some skill in each category, his connection to the Blood of Vol makes him unpopular and unlikely to rally the house together.