These monoliths, called hanbalani il-altas in Riedran are beacons of hope and power for the Inspired, used extensively in their own country, and recently introduced to the town of Newthrone.

An excerpt from the Korranberg Chronicle:
  • “All Riedran ambassadors speak with reverence of the egg-shaped monoliths that dot the landscape of their country, and in Lharvion of 998YK, construction was completed in the main square of Newthrone of a miniature hanbalani (about 100 feet tall). As demonstrated by Riedran officials, the monolith provided power for a pilot program of street lights, the assembly line of a local dragonshard refinery, and a new system of climate control crystal systems installed in government buildings. The local ambassador, Lord Gilatesh, said that the community would soon see the incidental benefits of the mechanism as well, including more restful sleep and renewed mental and emotional energy.”