The Man

This name refers to the founder and ruler of the empire of the same name. Galifar ir’ Wynarn was arguably one of the greatest military and political leaders of the modern era. Born in Karrnath, during the especially brutal Border Wars, Galifar studied at the Rekkenmark Academy, growing up on with the writings of Karrn, who was his ancestor. When he succeeded his father (a notoriously cruel warlord of Karrnath), Galifar decided that the miltary part of Karrn’s campaign may have been efficient, but his political strategy was lacking. He imagined a Khorvaire united in peace. Assembling a large army to fortify his position, he went to the other rulers of the continent to propose a united kingdom. Quickly rebuffed, he kept trying, but eventually, he began a military campaign to overcome his opponents. Along with his significant martial victories, he employed two important tactics. The first were a set of preliminary agreements with the dragonmarked houses that insured neutrality and slowly evolved into the Korth Edicts. The second was a public and psychological campaign to connect to the common people of the continent, stripping away their loyalty to their warlords.

The Empire Before the divisions of the Last War, and after the initial human exploration of Khorvaire, the continent was under the jurisdiction of the Empire of Galifar. Under King Galifar’s rule, the five nations were governed by his scions, and the rule of succession made it so that the eldest became ruler upon his death, and that new ruler’s children (or closest heirs) would become the new governors of the five nations. This replacement of long-established rulers added to the tension that lead to the Last War.