Eldeen Reaches

The Eldeen Reaches are not a highly civilized nation, at least not by the standards of the Five Nations. Urban construction and agricultural development are not widespread, and in some places are taboo. But in the wake of the Last War, they have begun to experiment with new forms of governance, namely municipalism, a ethical framework based on direct democracy and dual power.

The Reaches are often called the druidic nation, as it has a prevalence of druidic clans and fey populations. It also called the “Towering Wood,” reference to the nation’s spiritual and temporal leader, Oalian.

One of the most worrisome features of the land is the Gloaming. This wide swath of land in the west is under a terrible, corrupting magical influence. Some say it is a manifest zone of Mabar, but its growth over the last hundred years points to some other necromantic energy at play, which scholars attribute to aftershocks from the Daelkyr Invasion. The druidic sect, the Children of Winter, are based in the Gloaming.



  • 500,000
  • 45% human
  • 16% half-elf
  • 16% shifter
  • 7% gnome
  • 7% halfling
  • 3% orc
  • 3% elf
  • 3% other