Drugs and alcohol

Intoxicants are common in Khorvaire. Karrnathi breweries are reknowned throughout the continent, and Aundair wine is sought after year-round. One of the most popular and novel drinks is the kuryeva berry gin produced in Stormreach by the Lassite family. For pipes, Reacher blend is always in high demand, a mix of cannabis and Valenar tobacco. Although it is not high in alcohol content, Brelish goodberry wine has become more common, and has substantial healing properties.

But some pleasures are more infamous than others. Opiates exist and are used in most apothecaries and Jorasco facilities, and are abused by some, but there is not a large market. Coca-based drugs exist, but are not well-known, as they are mostly used by the Vulkoori in the jungles of Xen’drik. Cannith alchemists continue to research pharmaceuticals, but none have become popular for recreational use. The narcotics listed below mostly came on to the market during the Last War.

Absentia is a potion that causes the user to lose consciousness, and most users describe the period as living through someone else’s senses. Most doses are available through Riedran sources.

Dragon’s Blood enhances natural magical abilities, like those of sorcerers or dragonmarked individuals. The black variety enlarges or extends single uses of magical abilities, while the blue variety allows the user to perform the ability more than usual, and the red variety (the most addictive) enhances single uses of magical abilities to their maximum potential. The potion is only available through Daask dealers, and the ingredients remain a mystery.

Dreamlily is a cousin of regular opiates with a psionic kick, giving the user a sort of mental shield from the world, ignoring pain, fear, and in some cases, even crippling injuries. The plant came with Lhazaar settlers from Sarlona, and is grown in many locales today. King Galifar saw its use as a serious threat to his new empire’s safety and banned it by law. It is most potent in potion form, but can be smoked or snorted. Recently, the Lassites’ Molou Distillery in Stormreach has been mixing the lily with kuryeva into a brew they call “sooka.”

Drugs and alcohol

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