Because Khorvaire is a mostly civilized continent, it has a variety of bureaucratic regulations, both for travel and economics. The following are necessary documents:

  • Identification Papers: Common to middle and upper class citizens, these papers carry the person’s name, residence, affiliations (including nobility and the dragonmarked houses, and usually a portrait (papers without a portrait are usually scrutinized more). They are issued by governments and notarized (sometimes magically) by House Sivis.
    • A more specific variety of these papers are the arcane signet rings used mostly by the marked houses. These rings are keyed to a particular individual, and most enclaves have someone who can read the arcane ruin inscribed in the ring. Mostly marked heirs wear them, but some retainers to the house wear them. The runes are incredibly hard to forge.
    • These papers are usually not sufficient when travelling. Border guards and foreign law enforcement also require visas and travelling papers, usually notarized by Sivis or the transport agency (Lyrander and Orien a traveler use.
  • Letter of Credit: This document contains the details of a person’s available credit from a financial institution, almost always House Kundarak, and they bear an arcane rune like those used in signet rings. These letters are much less useful in areas where the practice of credit is less common.
  • Letter of Dispensation: Governing bodies may present this letter to exempt the bearer from prosecution for a particular illegal act. For instance, King’s Citadel Lanterns hold letters of dispensation for assassinations. The letters must be tied to an identification paper, and are marked with a particularly powerful rune.
  • Letter of Marque: Used primarily to officiate pirates as privateers for a particular nation during the Last War, these letters are now used to prevent poaching and smuggling in Breland. Adventurers require this letter in the Highest Towers district in Sharn to legally sell archaelogical finds on the nation’s open market.
  • Letter of Pardon: When pardoned, former criminals usually carry their letter of pardon to avoid returning to jail in foreign countries (where news may not travel effectively) or false imprisonment by the Sentinel Marshals for their crimes during the war.
  • Letter of Proxy: This Sivis document allows a legal party to assign someone to act as their proxy, usually in cases of legal dispute in locales far from the legal owner or plaintiff.
  • Other documents include business licenses (House seals are extra signifiers of quality in addition of these licenses), royal decrees, deeds, and warrants.