Whenever you see a troll overturn a fruit stand, or a group of goblins drag away a penniless gambler, or a hobgoblin dealing dreamlily, Daask is probably behind it. All of the non-human races involved in Daask originate in Droaam, and there are some rumors that the gang is state-sponsored. Although the gang is best known for its monstrous members, a significant number of humans and shifters fill its ranks.

While the Boromar Clan focuses on graft, Daask makes its presence known through physical violence. Although their fights sometimes lead to death, its assassination racket is not as large as House Tarkanan’s, and its members are better suited for armed robbery and muggings. The other profit engine for Daask is their narcotics trade. Dreamlily, dragon’s blood, and heartflow are almost all under the gang’s purview, and dragon’s blood is only available from Daask.

The gang is based in Khyber’s Gate, and their business has begun to overlap heavily into Boromar territory. But because of the gang’s cavalier attitude, fluid membership, nomadic headquarters, and concentrated strength, they have posed a serious challenge to the long-established Clan.