Now known as the Mournland, Cyre was one of the original Five Nations during the reign of Galifar. It was known for scientific and arcane innovation, being the original home for House Cannith, and for its culture and diplomacy. During the Empire of Galifar, it was known as the “Purple Jewel of the Empire,” refering to particular shade of Cyran purple. The avant-garde and artistic atmosphere of the nation was dubbed the “Cyran appreciation,” sometimes sardonically by outsiders.

During the war, Cyre remained strategically strong despite lacking a full military like its sister nations. Using its immense wealth, it relied heavily on goblin and Valenar mercenaries, both of which abandoned the nation to form their own independent countries. They supplemented this loss with the newly-created warforged.

While Mishann was caught unaware by her siblings’ betrayal, her great-granddaughter, Dannel squandered much of Cyre’s advantage during the war, changing tactics and strategy regularly, letting her erratic mood dictate policy.

The three main cities of the nation were Eston, Making, and Metrol. Eston was famous as one of the few large cities in Khorvaire not based on a body of water, atop one of the largest hills in northern Cyre. It was the target of six major sieges during the Last War, and served as a symbol of Cyre’s technological prowess. Making was the home of the main House Cannith enclave, and the original Merrix d’Cannith held court there. Metrol was the capital, home to Queen Dannel and the undisputed cultural center of Khorvaire.

Although the nation had over 1.5 million citizens in 994 YK, even the most hopeful estimates number the living Cyran refugees at 60,000. Even more would have survived if they hadn’t been turned away by their neighbors (some nations, including Darguun and Valenar, slaughtered approaching refugees). A large number unfortunately survive as Darguun slaves, with another 20,000-30,000 in Breland, mostly in New Cyre and Sharn, specifically in the district of High Walls. They also have migrated to Stormreach.

New Cyre is governed by Prince Oargev, who was 21 the day of Mourning. His ambition and bitterness are palpable, both in his public appearances and written proclamations. Brelish Parliament has become so anxious about the young noble that they have legislation pending that would limit the population of New Cyre, which is now at 7,000.

A few Cyran cultural elements survive amongst these communities. White-haired Cyrans were a small minority amongst most of their raven-haired brethren, which some took to as a portent of magical abilities. Today, many refugees are seen without hair pigment, indicating either a disproportionate number of these albinos survived, color left their hair because of trauma, or refugees are dying their hair as a sort of memorial. The Cyran tradition of constantly wearing gloves also continues, but refugees now take off their gloves for any fellow survivor, instead of just their closest friends.

Even though sympathy for the survivors is common as a public sentiment, most people are standoffish about helping Cyrans or working to restore their nation. Many discussions about Cyre include a subtext of fear of the Mourning happening again, as well as a certain smugness about the avant-garde, over-proud Cyrans getting what they deserved.

These negative sentiments are only increased by the stories (some apocryphal) of terrorism or vengeance by Cyrans. In Stormreach, intelligence agencies are always watching the ward of Dannel’s Pride for a terrorist organization called “Dannel’s Wrath.” Also, individual crimes are sometimes reported that include a calling card, “From a Cyran Avenger.” In addition, a now-common urban legend tells of a set of Mourning survivors calling themselves the “Mournborn,” with dark powers and sociopathic tendencies, who terrorize anyone they can get their hands on.