Creation Myth

Creation myths are common to all cultures. The answer to the question, “How did all of this come into being?” For the dragons, the font of all culture on Eberron, they tell the story using the characters called the Progenitor Dragons. Draconic culture imagines the three forces of the universe (godly, primordial, and earthly) as three powerful dragons. Siberys was a creature of arcane erudition and otherworldy power. Khyber was a creature of selfish ambition and dark power. And Eberron sat between the two, in almost every way. Eventually, Kyhber became mad with desire to rule and possess all of creation. It fought Siberys to a standstill, but before it could go any further, Eberron wrapped her entire body around Khyber and formed the earth that every creature lives on today, trapping Khyber in an eternal prison.

From this story arose the explanation for the order of the world. Above Eberron floats a ring of magical dragonshards and unknown arcane phenomena, and the dragons explain this as the remains of Siberys. Below the surface lies a fiery, dangerous, and often evil collection of chambers, explained as a struggling Khyber. And in between the two is the world, neutral as a whole, filled with strange and wonderful creatures, both good and bad. Creatures are also tied to the three Progenitors: dragons to Siberys, demons to Khyber, and anything else to Eberron.