This westernmost part of Sharn descends down the cliff overlooking the Dagger River, below Dura. It is notable for its extensive waterfront, where almost all shipping and naval transport starts and ends. Cliffside is the primary port for travelers to and from Stormreach, which is about 1,500 miles away.

Cliffside is broken into four districts, all on the same altitude of the lower districts of other quarters:

  • Grayflood
    • This district is filled with warehouses and crane assemblies for freight.
  • Mud Caves
    • A collection of slums built into the natural caves of the cliff face.
  • Sharn’s Welcome
    • Catering to sailors, this collection of bordellos and taverns is a working class service industry.
  • Ship’s Towers
    • Also a warehouse district, Ship’s Towers has a barge extension of buildings floating on the river.