Central Plateau

Exactly in the center of Sharn this section of the city houses most of the banking and governmental facilities, as well as most of the ruling elite’s residences.

  • Upper Districts
  • Korra-Thiven
    • Housing the non-Kundarak financial institutions, this district also holds
  • Korranath
    • Named after the elaborate temple to Kol Korran at its center, this district houses the Kundarak Bank of Sharn and their permanent vaults, as well as the famous Riak Mansion.
  • Highest Towers
    • The center of government in Sharn, this district houses the City Council, the city archives, and an airship loading tower. This is also the central location for obtaining the various papers necessary to adventurers, merchants, and government functionaries.
  • Mithral Tower
    • A high-end residental district.
  • Platinum Heights
    • A high-end commercial district.
  • Skysedge Park
    • An extensive tract of parks, with flora from all over Eberron.
  • Middle Districts
  • Ambassador Towers
  • Dava Gate
    • A professional district.
  • Dragon Towers
  • Sovereign Towers
    • A district devoted to faith and worship, it holds the Pavillion of the Host and the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame, both the largest Sharn temples for their respective faiths.
  • Sword Point
    • Home to the Sword Point Garrison, this district houses the Sharn Watch.
  • Tradefair
    • An open-air market district.
  • Lower Districts
  • Boldrei’s Hearth
    • This district is full of affordable and comfortable lodgings
  • Granite Halls
    • A commercial district known for its quirky art galleries.
  • Myshan Gardens
    • This residential district houses much of the young and liberal elements of Sharn.
  • North Towers
    • Bookstores are the most famous part of this district’s mercantile shops.
  • Olladra’s Kitchen
    • A collection of mid-tier eateries fill Olladra’s Kitchen.
  • Vallia Towers
    • Another residential district.

Ethnic Neighborhoods

  • All of the dragonmarked house enclaves are surrounded by housing for heirs and employees, creating miniature ethnic groupings, but the only significant racial concentration are the half-elves in Vallia Towers.

Central Plateau

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