The largest of the nations in Khorvaire after the Last War, Breland is fairly different from the other original Five Nations. It is not particularly militant, even though it maintains an extensive military. It is not particularly religious, though every religion in Eberron can be found there. It is not particularly bound to the arcane arts, though it counts a few of the most powerful and innovative mages amongst its citizens. To be fair, Breland is all things to its people.

Lead by King Boranel, Breland arguably took the least damage from the Last War.

  • The Brelish Parliament is a long tradition in Breland, stretching back to the days before Galifar. Its current head, Lord Ruken ir’Clarn, is known for his pro-democracy views, and is respected throughout the land.
  • Boranel’s palace is a few miles from the Parliament building, and
  • Among those advocating elevating the Parliament’s power, the most extreme are the Swords of Liberty. This group has been labeled a terrorist organization for public attacks calling for the overthrow of Boranel. They also have a sharp nationalist bent, calling the Treaty of Thronehold a capitulation, arguing that if reinitiated, a international war could be won by Breland.
Geography Notable Locations
  • The land west of Dagger River is famous for its rich, fertile soil. The farmers have formed a collective called the Ardev Expanse, centered in a town called Ardev. It is also one of the last towns before travelers come to Drooam.
  • Trade on the Dagger River is always heavy, and most of the tariffs and shipping schedules are established at Galethspyre, named after a tall formation of bluish rock. The town of 7,000 is also famous for the famous Brelish blue dye, its massive amphitheater, and an House Deneith enclave mostly used for Drooam escorts.
  • When the Mourning occured, refugees spilled out of Cyre’s borders. Most countries were heartless, turning them away (in Valenar and Darguun, they were slaughtered). But Boranel’s liberal heart opened up to the poor souls, and he allowed their entry, even putting aside land for a settlement. New Cyre, under the leadership of Cyran Prince Oargev, has grown to over 7,000. Legislation is pending that will restrict the occupancy of the settlement, much to the prince’s chagrin.
  • No mention of Breland would be complete without Sharn. The city is the largest in Khorvaire, a cultural and commercial hub.
  • Wroat, the capital, is home to the Parliament and the royal palace, as well some key enclaves.
  • Most of the trade from the Eldeen Reaches comes through Xandrar, a city on the Silver River connecting Lake Galifar to Silver Lake. It is also notorious for heavy presence from the Swords of Liberty.
  • 3.7 million
  • 44% human
  • 14% gnome
  • 10% half-elf
  • 8% elf
  • 7% dwarf
  • 4% halfling
  • 4% changeling
  • 4% goblin
  • 3% orc
  • 2% other