Boromar Clan

Boromar Clan is arguably the most powerful criminal organization in Sharn, but it also has so many semi-legitimate facets that it escapes most if not all prosecution. During the founding of modern Sharn, this small halfling clan quickly installed itself in all the new business ventures, and created an extensive web of graft and extortion. Today, they are part of the Sixty Families, they have a family heir on the Council, and their business holdings make profit in every district.

The clan’s most public members are the patriarch Saidan and his wife Mala (an unmarked heir to House Jorasco), and their daughter, Ilyra of the Council. Most people will come in contact with the clan at some point. Business and bureaucratic dealings usually require some kind of bribe to an official in the clan’s pocket, established businesses pay protection to Boromar enforcers, and smugglers and thiefs are usually connected to the clan for the countless import and export transactions that come through the city.

The biggest challenge today for the clan is Daask, the gang filled with non-human races. Their guerilla tactics, lack of concern for public image or the law, and almost unlimited reserve of troops in Droaam have given them an advantage.