Arcane Congress

This floating complex of towers sits about 3,000 feet above the southern Aundair village of Arcanix. A center of magical education, research, and debate, the Congress has floated in that spot for 800 years. Although it may seem similar to the manifest zone in Sharn, Syrania is not the main reason the thousands of pounds of stone stays aloft. A confluence of magical energies stablized by centuries of spells from the agents of the Congress make the campus keep airborne.

The Congress is centered around four towers: Glarehold and Amberwall are educational facilities, while Nocturnas and Skyreach are full of laboratories, libraries, and residences for staff and faculty.

Below, the village of Arcanix (popualtion 800) handles the food and dry goods requirements of the Congress, as well as serving a brisk hospitality trade. The most senior and wealthy wizard alumni usually own land in the village’s outskirts, and the Trannick family has held the mayorship for generations, and they are a prominent part of the Congress faculty.

Notable Features

  • Extradimensional space: Although the towers are vast on their own, years of planar manipulation has created pockets of vast extradimensional space within the towers. A tight hallway at the top of a tower can open into a vast arena, while a closet can sit right next to a porthole.
  • Library of Robideur: This library is arguable among the top five libraries (and a close rival with Korranberg for top public library) of magical knowledge. Named after the Robideur family, who first assembled the stacks 600 years ago, and whose descendents strictly regulate it today.
  • Gate of Xabra: A point of contention for the citizens of Thrane, this portal allows extraplanar access, and has been used to speak with beings such as angels and fiends.
  • White Arch: Much of the schooling at the Congress has been romanticized in novels for children and adults, and no book is complete without a scene with the iconic entryway to the school’s main courtyard, and towering arch of white marble.