Aberrant Dragonmarks

These dragonmarks include any that do not fall within the categories of the other established dragonmarks. The main criteria is that appear on the person’s body in the shape and pattern of a dragonmark, but produce no of the same effects as the widely known marks. Aberrant dragonmarks are often the product of two people with heritages tied to different dragonmarks. For instance, if a half elf of House Lyrander made a child with a human from House Cannith, an aberrant dragonmark could be produced. Neither parent needs to have a dragonmark to qualify, but it greatly increases the chances.

These seemingly random dragonmarks often have even more random effects on the bearer. Some are massively powerful, shaking the earth or producing fire, while some are almost unnoticable, like an unnatural luck or an aura of fatigue.

War of the Mark

Today, aberrant dragonmarks and their bearers are most concentrated in House Tarkanan, a little-known guild of thieves and assassins.

Aberrant Dragonmarks

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