Prince Largev of Cyre was a renowned battle general (with reports of war atrocities under his belt as well). After the Mourning Largev was reported missing, and his crimes included in the files of the Basilisk Gaze ( House Medani’s agency for capturing and killing war criminals) under the heading of Queen of Spades. While the interim events are unknown, Largev seems to have been Mournborn (an affliction where the warped magics of the Mourning change a person fundamentally), taken the identity of Quelos, and infiltrated the halfling Boromar clan’s criminal operations. Posing as the bodyguard of a gangster lieutenant, Quelos (along with his half-brother, Daask captain Genter the Red) carried out several plans. Encouraging violence between the city’s two largest gangs to cover his tracks, he stole a submersible elemental vehicle, installed an extradimensional chain in Sharn’s foundation, and cultivated connections with drow and necromantic goblins. Most of his plans foiled by the heroes, Quelos escaped to parts unknown, leaving behind a map that indicates points of interest in Droaam, Xen’drik, and the Mournland. His plan may have some elements of social Darwinism, hoping to wash away the “weak” elements of modern civilization.