How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Eberron

The Adventure So Far

Fighting Crime in Sharn

Your title here…Level 1-3

In response to increased gang violence in the Brelish metropolis of Sharn, intelligence agent Water of the King’s Lanterns assembles the team, including Rodan and Shava. Their focus is Ilyra, princess of the famous Boromar halfling gang, and Genter, a mysterious captain for monster gang Daask. They investigate a Daask bombing in a shifter neighborhood and the subsequent trial. The team attends and saves an airship gala (including the city’s elite), investigates drug trafficking and illegal gambling, and stops a public attack at the Bazaar. Meanwhile, an unnatural heatwave overwhelms the city.

Level 4-6

The team traps a Daask captain, then finds and frees a sphinx who was responsible for designing a map for Daask. A quick trip to Brelish capital Wroat reveals a larger plot to smuggle explosives into the city using mundane materials, and the team fights off terrorists on the road and on the top of the lightning rail. Returning to Sharn, they find their friends have been ruthlessly attacked by Ilyra. Looking for revenge, they track down Ilyra’s right hand woman Feratala at a slaughterhouse/kennel, taking her head. The team investigates a Boromar scheme to release fire salamanders and tries to nail down Genter’s movements and plans.

Level 7-9

Hoping to find Genter, the team investigates the deep caves below Sharn. They protect a supplier for Daask while investigating a cause for the city’s magical heatwave. After stopping a Daask smuggling convoy, they work with a Droaamite ambassador to break into Genter’s lair, capturing him and sending him off to Thrane. Along the way, they also team up with minotaur shaman Tuckahoe and Silver Flame warforged paladin Rue. Hoping to cut off the last bits of violence, the team works to prevent a Boromar-affliated pirate attack and then faces Boromar heiress Ilyra in arena combat. Finally, the team works to save lives during a citywide bombing.

Discovering Quelos
Level 10-12

Amidst martial law, the team begins to nail down the source of the heatwave, going even deeper into the city’s cavern/volcanic tunnel system. There, they find an extradimensional chain, laid by Quelos to destroy the city. While he escapes, they break the chain, ending the heatwave and convincing the Daask gang to ratchet back their violence. Using the map Quelos left behind, they lobby the Sharn City Council to fund a mission to find Quelos and squash his ruthless plans. Shava leaves to be with her pirate love, but is replaced by an icy eladrin, Nix. The team teleports to Graywall, eastern outpost of the monster nation Droaam, hoping to find Quelos’ hunting lodge. To gain safe passage through the country, they investigate a local vampire nest (and are joined by warforged veteran Thumper).

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