How do you keep the peace? It’s the question on the mind of every hero and villain on the face of Eberron. After a hundred years of war, Khorvaire has scrambled together a peace based on grudging respect between old and new nations. But not everyone believes in peace. In fact, some wish nothing more than to see Khorvaire burn to the ground. These outside forces, both ancient and foreign, lurk in the shadows and walk in the light of day.

The heroes of our campaign are racing to prevent disaster, to keep the fragile peace, and save countless lives. Starting in Wroat, the adventurers encounter a terrorist attack in the main square, and fear erupts throughout Khorvaire. With the help of a mysterious backer, the players chase down the clues that will expose the evil minds behind the attack.

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Eberron

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