Dhakaani Empire

This empire of the goblin race ruled what is known today as Khorvaire for a thousand years. After the Age of Giants, the slave races of Xen’drik escaped into the world. elves formed the nation of Aerenal, the dwarves fled Frostfell to the Mror Holds, and the goblins and orcs fled to southern Khorvaire.

The orcs were more tribal in nature, so their settlements were loose and spread out. But goblin culture had established a clear caste system under giant rule, and this culture carried over to the establishment of several fiefdoms and city states. This militant society spread out over most of the continent, battling Valenar colonies, halfling tribes on the Talenta Plains.

The Empire had a tradition of powerful bard-kings (most people would never suspect how beautiful and powerful goblin voices can be), all bearing the name Dhakaan. The most famous was Jhazaal, Queen of the Horns. Treasure hunters and archaeologists still search for her five horns, said to be able to bring a mountain to rubble if played at the same time.

Although the goblins dominated the continent for centurues, it came to an end during the Daelkyr Invasion.

Dhakaani Empire

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