Telfen Cloudwind d'Lyrander


This young Khorvar half-elf is the 2nd Officer of the Lyran Dockhouse, the most profitable of the four Lyrander docks in Grayflood. She was Shava’s roommate at the Stormhome Maritime Institute, a sort of Felix to her Oscar in their odd couple. Telf (as her friends call her) is astute with ledgers and numbers, saavy to the ins and outs of business negotiations and employee relations.

Shava reunited with Telf after returning from Riedra. Telf was attacked by Boromar henchman in her apartment, to be found by Shava upon her return from Wroat. Telf is convalescing (with a toy version of Mogwain) at a Jorasco facility.


Telfen Cloudwind d'Lyrander

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